Hearing protection: your solution against occupational noise-induced hearing loss (ONIHL)

Protecting your workforce's hearing is essential, and helping you achieve this is our objective and our mission. In order to reach this goal, you must take a comprehensive approach that includes raising awareness, providing effective hearing protectors, and validating its effectiveness.

The hearing protection device: an important choice and a legal requirement.

Any employees exposed to 85+ dB during an eight-hour day must be provided with hearing protectors. This is a key point in your Hearing Conservation Program.

A solution against ONIHL that results in zero occupational deafness.

Cotral Lab helps you implement the most effective hearing protection program by organizing it into five steps. This comprehensive solution is simple to implement, operationally effective, and cost-effective.

Technician working in a noisy environment with hearing protection

The best hearing solution against ONIHL

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, a hearing protection device has to be worn 100 percent of the time, any time noise is present. With the Cotral Lab solution, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comfort: Every custom earplug is 3D-manufactured from molds of each individual’s ear canal to assure a perfect fit and an incomparable level of comfort.
  • Communication: Seven High Frequency Attenuation (HFA) or Uniform Response (UR) type filters allow workers to communicate and remain fully protected.
  • Convenience: Handles, cord, and case prevent loss of the device and make it easy to use and carry.
  • Clean: Good hygiene and reduction of the waste produced by disposable earplugs are among Cotral Lab’s main goals.
  • Cost-effectiveness: All custom hearing devices are backed by a six-year guarantee and have a longer life span.

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With Cotral Lab's solution, you can:

  • Raise awareness among employees
  • Access useful training and awareness tools
  • Make your employees accountable for their own hearing health
  • Learn how to make workers aware of noise-related risks, and why it's important to do so
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Noise-related risk training
SAPAN software

Every employee is different

Each individual should be offered a protector that fits her/his specific needs and working conditions. This is made possible through the use of state of the art software that takes into consideration the employee’s environment, and what level of protection is needed.

The SAPAN® method

The SAPAN® method is used by the Hearing Protection Specialist to ensure that your employee is protected 100 percent of the time that he is exposed to occupational noise. SAPAN® provides added value to your custom hearing protection by providing these comprehensive features:

  • Greater device comfort
  • Assurance that your employees can still communicate while being effectively protected
  • You get the most out of the use of the protectors
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No matter the custom earplug, its effectiveness is corroborated by both compliance with ANSI certification, and its level of comfort.

We focus on:

  • All hearing protectors getting ANSI - certified
  • High-quality ear molds
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Maintaining the highest industry standard - ISO 9001
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Custom earplug ear molds
Test your earplug effectiveness with CAPA

Why test your in-ear device?

  • Because you have the proof that, at the moment the test is performed, if worn 100% of the time they are exposed to harmful noise, your employees enjoy an effective hearing protection device
  • Extend the life span of your device
  • Save money and optimize your budget
  • Reduce waste and become eco-friendly
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